WR to run special train for Holi | Vadodara News

Vadodara: To clear extra rush during Holi festival, Western Railway will run memu special services between Vadodara and Godhra which will be extended up to Dahod from Saturday.

The memu special services will run till March 15. The Holi special train will start from Vadodara at 9.15 am and will reach Dahod at 1.10 pm. In return, the train will start from Dahod at 3.15 pm and will reach Vadodara at 6.40 pm. The train will have stoppages at Chhayapuri, Pilol, Alindra Road, Samlaya junction, Lotana, Champaner Road junction, Bakrol, Derol Kharsaliya, Godhra junction, Kansudhi, Chanchelav, Sant Road, Piplod, Limkheda, Mangal Mahudi, Usra, Jekot and Rentiya railway stations.TNN

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