Vadodara: In a first, the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) will be joining hands with city-based Lifeline Foundation to provide training in first aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to civic body officials, their families and even students.

The move is a part of the ‘Vadodara – A Smart City, A CPR City’ initiative of the foundation.

The initiative has been taken up considering the fact 4,280 of one lakh persons in India die due to cardiac arrests. This is in addition to the deaths caused by a variety of injuries or illness, including electrical shock, road accident injuries, and heart-attacks and drowning. Children in particular are vulnerable to incurring different accidents – from minor fall, burns, cuts to major choking situations which could at times be life-threatening.

Lifeline Foundation, under its initiative has trained around 12,500 persons in CPR as a part of a pilot project so far. These include teachers and students from various schools in the city and a programme in collaboration with the Baroda Productivity Council to train industrial executives.

The project is the brainchild of Shukanto Das, son of Dr Subroto Das, the managing trustee and CEO of Lifeline Foundation. “After the success of the pilot projects, we are looking to train 40 per cent of the physically abled literate population of the city above the age of 15 in CPR in a span of five years. With VMC we are looking to train 30,000 persons,” said Dr Subroto Das.

This is the first such initiative with a civic body in the country, said Das.

VMC commissioner Dr Vinod Rao said that the training could save lives as a person could be provided CPR within the ‘Golden Hour’ that is crucial in case of emergencies. “A citizen can handle the situation and an expert may not be needed,” he said.

The foundation has prepared a training module that lasts around 4.5 hours for the VMC. The CPR training programme is headed by Isha Popat from the foundation. The standing committee of the civic body cleared a proposal in this regard on Thursday.

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Clean and Posh Bus stand I have ever visited
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Interconnective bridge also there for going to Railway station directly.
Washroom also clean & hygienic.

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For someone who is coming from outside Vadodara will be shocked to know that this hotel cum mall type looking structure is also a Bus Station. I actually had to go ask someone 3 times where is the bus stop despite he telling me that, this in front of you is the stop. I thought it must be behind this structure. The place is well maintained, clean and spacious unlike the traditional bus stations. It has an hotel, multiplex, shopping arena and a few things even I didn't get time to observe.

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