Vadodara Flood 2014

It was horrible flood in #Vadodara for 9th & 10th September 2014. Situation on 11th is under control. Look at the pictures visual understanding.

24 hours after Ajwa gates were closed, Vadodara could witness its impact. Water level at Vishwamitri river which was steady at 34 ft in Vadodara during 11.00 am to 6.00 pm started decreasing only after 7.00 pm and was 33.9 post 7.00 pm.

It further came down to 33 ft at 12.00 in night and came further down to 31.6 ft at 7.00 am when bridges were reopened. At 10.00 am the level was 30.30 ft. Those on first floor could come down to take a stock of the situation of their furniture, vehicles etc on the ground.

Non-functioning Atladra sub-station, power failure in some areas, sanitation issue where flood water receding were some of the post-flood scenes on ground.

Additional sanitation staff, trucks, fogging machines, sweepers etc are moved to Vadodara from nearby Ahmedabad and Surat cities for massive cleaning task.



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