The 14th show of Applause Vadodara production ‘The Cake Story’ hit Baroda yesterday at Prof. C. C. Mehta Auditorium, The M. S. University of Baroda and it was a first time ever a charity show for the welfare of animals and birds cause. We welcomed Shri Shantilalji Jeevayat, an animal lover and a supporter of Pashu Seva Kendra trust with a warm shawl as a token of love and respect handed by Shri Manherji a well wisher and supporter of the trust. Also our warm welcome to Dr. Parmar who gives his kind service as a vet to the innocent animals and birds and to the trust since many years.
The show was for Pasu Seva Kendra Charitable Trust for Animals and Birds, founded by Meena Amin and the project was headed by Ishita. The Anchor for the show was Ms. Neetaben. We thank our Cake Sponsor Chef Shobha Khatwa – SICHM, Gotri Road, Vadodara who will be organizing charity show for Pashu Seva Kendra trust, a drawing competition for children in the month of January 2018. Thank you to our Media Partner Nakulbhai, Nipunbhai – Satya and Target News. Also Jigar Tewar – Baroda Rocks for timely updates of news to all viewers. And last but not the list, a big thank you to Anil bhai and Dhavalbhai with the Checkmate Security staff for the safety and ease. And all you people who attended this charity show and ones who missed it, we would like to deeply thank as with supporters like you we could do wonders for the welfare of animals and birds cause. Your kindness and generosity will help hungry mouths, give shelter to the homeless, adoption, help the needy health and the list goes on, also happy endings and stories of hope and rescue to these innocent little ones.
The Cake Story in Brief: “The cake story” is a brief act that looks at the humorous side emotions, men-women and over expressive “feelings”. While it comes forth as a light hearted sequence of shared experiences, ‘the cake story’ tilts towards our tendency to hold onto moods, feelings, emotions and limit ourselves.

The act is written to inspire and broadly encourage audiences to strengthen the inner resolve smile and find meaning in life, independent of disappointing circumstances and series of heartbreaks! With the backdrop of relationships, tight deadlines, and indecisiveness, this brief act written by Apsara Iyengar and performed by herself, Chitra Parmar, Om Bhatt, and Aatman is sure to make you smile.

The moral is simple: Be willing to laugh at your own short comings, eat cake and look forward to life – and everyone welcome aboard!

About the show

The Cake Story has been performed across Vadodara, Ahmedabad and Mumbai and has been performed for all ages of audiences – from kids, to adults, all women’s groups and open for all shows. Everyone has loved the play at various venues.
This was the 14th Show and this play is also invited to the prestigious Kalaghoda Festival in Mumbai, in Feb 2018.

The year end show was actually a Charity Event to create awareness for animals and birds and funds will be used for the same.

The play is basically about various “emotions” that we experience – sadness, happiness, anger, disspointment – and how we are all so vulnerable. We may breakdown, we may feel alone, we may feel helpless at times – at such times, we tend to run away from the situation. The metaphor here is “the cake” …. However, the play makes us see the problems in a funny manner and undertand that life does not have to be very serious.

We should focus on ourselves, follow our heart, accept ourselves as we are and continue to live life. The play is to inspire people to not give up in life.

The play opens with the voice of the heart, called “Cliff” played by “Lisa Kesariya”, the youngest actor, 16 years old. The voice of relationships for men by Om Bhatt and Aatman Pawar, and for women by Chitra Parmar and Apsara Iyengar. The men and women actually are two sides of the same coin. The stage set up and stage design is by Vatsal Dhamani. The production has Abhishek Jain, Ruchika Tripathi, Meet and Avi.

The play is written and directed by Apsara Iyengar.

Some dailogues from the play:
– Feelings are stupid, you are not.
– Feelings are stupid, cakes are great.
– Cakes look at you and tell you to do yourself justice.
– LIfe is about following your heart, make that tough start and find your own voice.

Don’t let anything chain you,
Set yourself Free,
Continue to Love,
Though you can love differently,
There can always be romances,
make sure there are two –
one with the person,
and one with you.

– Don’t ever stop loving yourself.
_ Always love and respect yourself. Lastly, goody packages of discount coupons and gift vouchers were given to all our ticket buyers for this charity show.



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