Special committee to be set up for regulating street vendors | Vadodara News

Vadodara: The Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) has set the ball rolling to form the town vending committee to regulate street vending in the city. The civic body has invited applications to appoint non-official members of the committee.

The VMC had decided in 2012 to have a street vending policy in line with the National Policy on Urban Street Vendors, 2009. The central government also passed the Street Vendors Act in 2014.

But there was little development in this regard as the state government finalised the Gujarat Street Vendors Rules only in December 2016.

With the rules being framed now, the VMC will be appointing four members of the town vending committee. These include a representative of the market trade association, a NGO member, a member of a resident welfare association and a representative from a community-based organisation.

Street vending in the city has so far remained a bone of contention as there are very few areas earmarked as hawking zones even as the number of street vendors is much high.

These vendors have to bear the brunt of VMC encroachment teams as well as the city police time and again.

Officials said that one the policy is implemented the vendors will be registered. The spots where they can operate and the number of vendors that can be accommodated at such places and their timings will be worked out by the committee.

The hawkers will also be given identity cards. The committee will divide the city into three zones – green, amber and red.

In the green zone hawking of licenced workers will be allowed while in the red zone the activity will be completely restricted. In amber zones, it shall be allowed during fixed hours.

The hawkers who get permits or licences will also be paying rent to the civic body.

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