Vadodara: He left his job out of passion to develop new technologies. And till date, Tushar Guha, a plastics engineer, has earned four patents for his inventions.

Guha, who is residing in city since 2008, is already in the process of getting his fifth patent for a new technology that he believes will end the menace of vehicle thefts and other illegal activities done through stolen vehicles in the country.

Guha has developed a high-security number plate that can neither be tampered nor removed.

He claims that this number plate is even more secure than the high security registration plate (HSRP) issued by the government.

To ensure this, he has synchronized the ignition circuit of the vehicle with the concealed LED light that is a part of the number plate and has also linked the Aadhar number with it.

“Once the vehicle starts, the LED light gets illuminated. The other advantage is that people can identify the car number in an incident of hit-and-run during night hours,” said Guha.

Guha has sent this idea to the Prime Minister’s office and to the union ministry of road transports and highways.

“The government will have to consider many legal frameworks for the implementation of this number plate,” said Guha, who had participated in Department of Science and Technology’s India Innovation Growth Programme in 2012.

Guha told TOI that before considering this project, the government will have to make Aadhar number mandatory for owning vehicles and issuing driving licenses. “The government will also have to make mention of Aadhar number mandatory while registering complaints of vehicle thefts,” he said.

In the past, Guha had earned patents for developing a battery of the size of a video cassette that can provide light for 10 to 20 hours. He has also developed LED lights that cannot break and work under the water too. Guha also plans to make use of LED lights in roadside hoardings.

“The illumination technology in number plates can be used in the hoardings too which will save lot of energy,” he said.

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