Water Park with slides such as Double Screamer, Reverse Splash, Boomerango, Cyclone Bowl, Lemon Sweepe, Blue Ripple and many more slides in addition to Wave Pool and Family pool. 17 thrilling and family amusement rides to make it Gujarat’s Largest Entertainment Complex.

Location Opp. Vrindavan Garden-Ajwa Lake, 1 km after Ajwa Funworld, Ajwa, 390019
Hours Mon – Sun: 10:30 am – 7:00 pm
Parking Parking Lot

Contact Info

Phone +91 265 2343140, +91 999 899 0933
Email gujarat-funworld@hotmail.com
Website http://www.funworldparks.com


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5 thoughts on “S-Cube Waterpark – Vadodara”

  1. Anand Sharma says:

    Very very very good water park.. only clean waterpark in baroda. 5 Thumps up…

  2. shashi says:

    I visited S-cube water park, Ajwa with my family members on 22nd Oct.
    I am sorry to say but I was highly dissatisfied with the services provided there.
    here are my concerns:
    1.When we went for taking rides, we were asked to carry tubes and accesories by ourselves.This is not safe at all, because when we come out of pool we are completely wet and if we want to again go for a ride we need to carry those big tubes to the top of the ride by climbing so many stairs. If we slip while carrying the tubes to such large height in wet condition, there are chances of accidents and heavy injury. The whole process is physically tiring also. For adults it is no issue, but how do you expect children to carry tubes twice their size to such large heights.
    This rule of carrying the tubes ourselves is no where mentioned at the entry gate, neither in the ticket, nor in your website otherwise I would have never gone inside the park had I known this.
    I have never seen this kind of arrangement of carrying tubes by visitors in any water park. Consider the example of Ajwa water park jus three kilometers away from yours or even the Mehsana water park.
    2. The rides are not safe. Almost every members of my family suffered bruises, cuts while taking the rides. How do you justify this.
    3.Most of the rides were not having proper water supply. We were stuck in the middle of ride due to lack of water supply.
    All in all my experience was completely horrible, unsafe,full of injuries.
    I pledge never to visit S-cube water park again and will advise my friends the same.

  3. Spal Patel says:

    We are proposing a larger water world facility in Gujarat state on a
    International collaboration. Your noted comment is important ! Please let us know your expectations on such facilities.
    Many Thanks
    Spal Patel
    design director

  4. Minal says:

    I want to visit there but thinking by reading comments that would it b enjoyable ????? Pls tell me

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