Orsang Resort – Dabhoi, Vadodara

“We the Orsang people” Bring you on a very adventurous trip or whole day, We know the city life makes you feel monotones all the time, so here is your chance to explore the nature and be there to enjoy it, as well as what we have provided you is, without disturbing any of the nature beauty, we have made such an arrangements which will give you thrilling experience about us and our resort.

Booking Office
T-5 Block-B , Shreeji Astha Avenue
Nr, Balaji Hospital Next to chi chi tower,
Ellorapark Baroda – 390023
Gujarat, INDIA.
Booking calling time:- 10.00am to 7.00 pm
Call : +91 9978957597 / 99 (Book us in advance)
email: with@teamadventure.in
Orsang Camp – Orsang Resort Vadodara – At Orsang Gamdi, Chanod Tal,  Dabhoi – Dist- Baroda.



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  1. Neha Shah says:

    Diwali package.

  2. Manwani Anil Chandralal says:

    Want to booking

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