Navlakhi Vav – Located in the Laxmi Vilas Palace compound,is the only Vav (Stepwell) in Vadodara (Baroda) City today and probably the only remnant of the Gurjar rule. A plaque on the Vav says it was built in Sultan Muzaffar Shah’s time in the 15th century. Ramesh Joshi’s book ‘Imarat Ane Avshesho — Baroda Nagari no Prachin Itihas ’ says that on one of the Lower Floors of the Vav is a Brahmi inscription saying Suryaraj Kalchuri,a general of the Gurjar Kingdom and Son-in-Law of King Daddh I, built the Stepwell in Vatpadra. The Vav is/was called Navlakhi because 9 Lakh Gold Coins were Spent to Build it. It was also Refurbished in Muzaffar Shah’s time.

Navlakhi Vav is 600+ years Old. It was then developed by Maharaja Sayajirao & now the Stepwell goes till the Well.

In Earlier Times, the Stepwell’s water was used to Drink in the Lukshmi Villas Palace, but now-a-days it is used to Suppy Water to Golf Course.

An Informative thing is, when in Olden times, Another King came to Fight, then the Whole Army gathers up in Vav & then Attack from behind, so that nobody know that there are Army in Vav.
This type of Arrangement was done by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad.

Information : History of Vadodara

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