LIGO team met PM Modi, Karan Jani met PM Modi

A boy from ‪#‎Vadodara‬, Karan Jani met PM Narendra Modi in Washington DC. The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, on Thursday met scientists from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory(LIGO) in Washington DC. Karan is a part of TEAM LIGO.

Karan wrote on his Facebook after met PM :
“I grew up in a small city, where a profession as “scientist” was unheard and would largely laughed at. The primary/secondary school I went to had no science laboratories or library, and at most times no real science teacher. I flunked the first time I gave a physics test and my first science lab report was trashed because I couldn’t write proper tenses in English. I was not given entry in a premier research institute of India for summer research camp, citing I was just a mediocre high-school student, and until the age of 19 I had never seen the universe through a telescope.

And yesterday, in a closed room meeting in Washington DC after the historic India-US partnership for ‪#‎LIGOIndia‬ project, the Prime Minster Narendra Modi asked me in front of all his officials and NSF Director on how could Einstein have predicted Gravitational Waves 100 years ago? And I gave my answer in my mother language, Gujarati. That is my ‘Garvi Gujarat’, and dedication to the roots and its legacy. Ten years in the States and not a single day I not think about returning back and spreading science education in India.
Believe deep down yourself, that the difference between impossible and possible, lies in determination. And who better role model on that, than the Prime Minister himself smile emoticon “


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