Kamnath Mahadev Temple – Heritage Walk- Vadodara


Kamnath Mahadev Temple is loacated just behind the Ghats of Vishwamitri River passing nearby from Sayaji Baug (Kamati Baug). The Temple was built in early 19th Century and consists of 8 Decorative Idols which is in position of playing musical instruments. A Statue of Lord Hanuman with Anjani Devi and a Musical Instrument from Muslim World ‘Dilruba’ catches special Attention.

In Early Decades of the 20th century, thousands of devotees to the temple used to bath on the ferry. The temple is also famous for it Designs and Decorations with centers of religious faith.

There is Lion statue at peaks of all Three temples. The temple has Decorated Idols of AshtaDigpal, Vyaal on each side. Also there are small peaks on Peaks of Temples. The outer appearance of the temples is also too attractive.

During the Rule of Maharaja Fatehsinhrao Gaekwad during Years 1778 – 1798, this area was developed quickly. It is also said that Members of the Royal Family used to come here for Prayers.

Source  : History of Vadodara


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