Five from Mahisagar taken into police custody in Malaysia | Vadodara News

Vadodara: Five youngsters from Virpur village of Mahisagar district have been taken into police custody in Malaysia after being detained at the airport where the authorities got to know that they had come to work there on a visitor visa.

The five had left from Hyderabad on February 18 but the families got to know about their detention on February 23. The family members have alleged that they were defrauded by Irfan Vohra, an Ahmedabad-based agent in the visa process.

Bhikha Ghori said that his son Mohammed Irshad Ghori (21) and his friends Irfan Chuvan (22), Sakir Shaikh (23), Jakir Ghori (24) and Shakilmiya Shaikh (26) went to Malaysia after they were given visitor visa by Ahmedabad-based Imran Vohra.

But, when they landed there they were taken into custody by the authorities as they had visitor visa and the youth told them that they had come to Malaysia to work. “For four days, we were not able to contact our son so we called Vohra but even he did not give any satisfactory answer. He did not inform us that the visa does not permit our children to work there,” said Ghori.

After the family members did not get any clue, they wrote an email to the Ministry of External Affairs on February 23 and shared the details of the passports of Mohammed Irshad and his friends. “The ministry replied to our email and confirmed that our children are in Malaysia but they are in police custody. The next hearing in the court there is scheduled on February 27,” added Ghori.

“Vohra contacted me and said that the Malaysia court has imposed a penalty of Rs four lakh, which he is ready to pay by March 3 and bring all five back to India,” said Ghori.

He added, “We will wait till Monday and if we do not get any concrete information, we will contact the ministry again.”

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