FFA students to organize exhibition on side-effects of social media | Vadodara News

Vadodara: Starting from Monday, masters students of the Department of Applied Arts of M S University’s Faculty of Fine Arts will organise an exhibition titled ‘LOL’ which stands for ‘Lots of Loss’.

The exhibition that will continue at the faculty’s exhibition hall till February 15 will showcase installations, some of which would be interactive in nature.

There are 16 students working on 20 artworks. The theme of the exhibition is ‘Side effects of social media’ and each installation’s title starts with ‘loss’ – loss of time, loss of memory, loss of judgement and so on.

According to the organisers, the rate at which people are using social media is extremely high.

While social media has its own benefits, there is a darker side to it too.

The students have researched on this topic and human behaviour and come up with various demerits of social media, how it could be harmful on a personal and social level.

“Some serious issues covered in the exhibition are online harassment, cyber crime, stalking, bullying, depression, spread of rumours, insensitivity and explicit use of the platform,” said Sanchita Khemka, a final year student.

“The motive of doing the exhibition is to make people aware of the issues and hopefully bring positive changes in how an individual uses social media,” she said.

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