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India‘s one of the oldest #MusicCollege,
Our Faculty of Performing Arts, #MSUniversity,

History : Anglo-Vernacular School at Baroda, Gujarat from the Curzon Collection, taken by an unknown photographer during the 1890s.

The Department of Public Instruction was opened in 1875 and a policy of free, compulsory education for both sexes and all castes was pursued by the state government with the encouragement of the Gaekwar Maharaja Sayaji Rao III (ruled 1875-1939).

At the primary level of education were Anglo-vernacular schools, which taught up to four standards and prepared students for entry to High Schools, and Vernacular schools, which taught in Gujarati, Marathi or Urdu.

This view of the school shows a brick building with a long façade and tower built in an Anglo-Indian style.



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