Christmas in Vadodara

Does Santa give gifts on 24th night or 25th? That is, does he come tonight or next night?

This really depends what you’re doing.

If you’re quietly leaving the presents under the tree, then the night of the 24th (by tradition, Santa comes just before midnight), would be the time you’d want to do this.

If you’ve actually got a Santa to meet your kids and give them presents, then I’d suggest having him show up on the 25th, and explain that he made an “extra special trip just for you”.

However, that is just my opinion. Having the Santa show up on the Eve of Christmas works just as well, he can hand out the presents just fine, only this time he has to make the kids promise not to open them until Christmas. Well, unless you /want/ them opening it.

Really, it’s your call. Do whatever you think they will enjoy the most. There is no guide, no single right way to do the Santa thing. As long as they enjoy it, it is good.

Copy from Yahoo Answer by Teksura


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One thought on “Does Santa give gifts on 24th night or 25th”

  1. Koshal Kamini says:

    Good information you got . Amazing !

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Vadodara Bus Station
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Dhruv Parmar
Dhruv Parmar

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

When you start rating a bus station as the best in the country and give wide publicity then it should meet the high standards laid out. More than half of the shops are empty. The place is much better than before but much needs to be done.

The parking is Good. But There is no proper lighting in the parking area. Pus cleanliness could be a shade better. The shops are average with practically no clientele. The escalator works. The food court is also good..

Niraj Diwatiya
Niraj Diwatiya

4 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

Clean and Posh Bus stand I have ever visited
Good food, cinema, Some shops for kids & for all the people. Can't imagine that such an awesome creative work also made for the Bus stop.
Interconnective bridge also there for going to Railway station directly.
Washroom also clean & hygienic.

Dhawal Desai
Dhawal Desai

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

For someone who is coming from outside Vadodara will be shocked to know that this hotel cum mall type looking structure is also a Bus Station. I actually had to go ask someone 3 times where is the bus stop despite he telling me that, this in front of you is the stop. I thought it must be behind this structure. The place is well maintained, clean and spacious unlike the traditional bus stations. It has an hotel, multiplex, shopping arena and a few things even I didn't get time to observe.

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