Chhota Udepur bus conductor shot with arrow | Vadodara News

Vadodara: Conductor of a Gujarat state transport (ST) bus suffered grievous injury after an arrow pierced through his chest in Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday night.

The Chhota Udepur police said that some unidentified person shot an arrow from outside that entered the moving bus through one of the open windows and injured the conductor Govind Vasava.

The bus was on its way from MP to Chhota Udepur.

Despite the attack, the driver didn’t stop the bus that was carrying six passengers and directly stopped the vehicle at the Chhota Udepur. Vasava was taken to a local hospital and then shifted to SSG Hospital in the city for treatment. The police said that the motive behind the attack may be robbery.

“The bus was on its way from Kathhiwad in MP to Chhota Udepur. Kanti Vora, who was driving the bus, couldn’t see anything as it was dark outside. It is surprising as the area doesn’t witness incidents of robbery. We have filed a complaint and transferred it to MP as the attacked happened in their jurisdiction,” said L G Nakum, Chhota Udepur police inspector, .

The bus plies daily between Chhota Udepur and Kathhiwad.

It leaves Chhota Udepur at about 5 pm and travels across the border to Kathhiwad for about 30 km before returning to Chhota Udepur by 7.30 pm.

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