Today evening, there was a book launch by author Ravinder Singh #Vadodara #Baroda #YourDreamsAreMineNow

Book Title – Your Dreams Are Mine Now
Author: Ravinder Singh
Rupali, a young, small-town girl, comes to Delhi for her studies. She joins college full of enthusiasm. An idealist with a soft exterior and a tough interior, she soon gets into trouble. When the elections are held, her firm stance on the wrong goings-on around her make her a threat for the student leaders. Arun—one of them—watches her activities with interest. Initially hostile, Arun, however, is slowly able to see her point of view and is drawn to her. Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in the college and the powers that be are no longer in the mood to forgive Rupali for her meddling. They want to teach her a lesson. What will Arun do? Will he watch from the sidelines or will he try and save her from what will prove to be the ultimate test of both their lives? Your Dreams Are Mine Now is a powerful and poignant love story.

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2 thoughts on “Book Launch – Your Dreams Are Mine Now by Ravinder Singh”

  1. Rahul says:

    Hey admin could you provide me the full pic please?
    If yes please do contact me by e-mail….
    Thank You.

    • BarodaRocks says:

      Sorry Rahul, We have this much pic only, It’s shared by some guy. You can find it on twitter and Ravinder Singh’s Twitter handle also.

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