5.11 lakh people in Gujarat voted None of the Above (NOTA)

Who will be the next CM of #Gujarat?
If Vijay Rupani continues then BJP is not understand the mandate but CM candidates matters a lot.

Nitin Patel or Gujarati lady politician may be next CM of Gujarat?

Both BJP & Congress increase their voting % but BJP loose phase 1 and congess loose their Gujarat Congress main leaders.

If phase 1 election % increase then BJP may get 105 to 110 but if phase 2 election % decrease then Congress may win the election.

Hardik patel and Patidar factor doesn’t matter but rural factor of congress effect a lot.

Let’s see other state election factors and all parties experts decision till 2019 election for PM of India.

#Vadodara #Baroda #BarodaRocks



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